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From "Desk Body" To Limber and Active

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Read on to find out how one client helped change her body with the GYROTONIC® Method:

Barbara Doerr's Story: After decades of a financial career where I sat at a desk using a computer and calculator, I finally committed to improving my physical well-being. The obvious solution to me was to join a gym and get a trainer. For several years I worked on my core and overall strength. But I still had tight, inflexible muscles no matter what I tried.

At a friend's recommendation, I tried the GYROTONIC® Method. I was impressed by how the fluid movements 'awoke' so many muscles without shocking them. Besides moving and stretching muscles that I never knew existed, I leave my session feeling like I've just had a massage…and, had a resistance workout that moved my whole body.

I love learning new ways to move on the GYROTONIC® equipment with Pam's expertise. And her laser-focus and hands-on approach make a huge difference. I’ve even added “arches and curls” into my daily life. It’s amazing after sitting at a computer or after a long car ride! You can use these motions to limber up stiffness from your head to your lower back. The benefits are multiple and most importantly, help me stay active!!

Pam also introduced me to the Alexander Technique which has improved my posture immensely. After ten years, I still value each and every movement session I have. I’m so glad I found this work. I plan on staying with it forever!

To find out more about the GYROTONIC® method or to try out a session with me, contact

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