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Meet Pam Johnson

 “For years, I suffered from hip and back pain from congenital hip dysplasia. I used the Alexander Technique, GYROTONIC® exercise and Pilates to relearn how to be in my body after two hip replacements. When you have pain, you react by tightening and bracing.  These movement practices helped me discover my habitual patterns, let them go and redirect my mind/body so it's easier and more natural.”
—Pam Johnson

Pam has been a movement educator and instructor for over 12 years.  She is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher  and graduate of the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles completing a 3-year, 1,620 hour program.  She is a certified and licensed GYROTONIC® Instructor and holds a Pilates certification from STOTT Pilates®.  Pam has also studied the Franklin Method with founder Eric Franklin.   She has a dance and theatre background with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre.

Pam helps people of all ages discover their body’s potential. Her teaching experience includes working with:

​        Back Pain

​        Repetitive Stress Injuries

​        Neck and Shoulder Pain

​        Hip and Knee Replacements

​        Multiple Sclerosis

​        Parkinson’s Disease

​        Scoliosis

​        Fibromyalgia 

​        Performers; Actors, Musicians, Dancers

​        Older Adults

​        Sports Enthusiasts

​        Business Professionals

Pam Johnson
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