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About Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique

Often, the thought of preparing to do something triggers unnecessary tension that can lead to poor posture and pain.  The Alexander Technique is a method to UNDO the habits that get in the way of our natural ease and coordination. 


The technique shows you how to use yourself more efficiently with less stress and strain.  You discover how to let go of “the unnecessary” so your innate coordination, elasticity and balance is restored. It can be applied to everyday activities as well as performance, sports and business.


In an Alexander Technique lesson, Pam helps you to: 

  • Identify and let go of unnecessary tension in activity 

  • Use your thinking to make positive changes

  • Cultivate a self-care practice to calm your nervous system 

What is The Alexander Technique?

Lessons include verbal and hands-on guidance to help you direct easier and more efficient movement in your daily life. The Alexander Technique has a long history of helping performing artists including actors, musicians and singers to perform with less stress and anxiety. The Technique has been scientifically studied demonstrating its use and benefits for back and neck pain, repetitive stress injuries and Parkinson’s Disease to name just a few. 

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