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Lighten Up with the Alexander Technique!

The Alexander Technique helps you identify specific postural habits and movement patterns that interfere with your natural coordination and balance. Learn to use yourself more efficiently with less pain, stress and strain. Lessons include verbal and hands-on guidance in everyday activities like standing, walking, bending, driving,  computer and phone use. It can also be applied to performance, sports and business. For decades, actors and musicians have used the technique to perform with less stress and anxiety, and it’s been scientifically studied demonstrating benefits for back and neck pain.


ACTIVE REST (or Constructive Rest) is an extremely effective self-help tool for anyone who wants a simple, practical way of releasing excess tension everyday. To start learning this process, listen to my FREE Alexander Technique Active Rest audio guide at the bottom of the page.


Read the set-up instructions below before you begin


  1. Lie down in semi-supine on a firm surface, like a carpeted or wood floor (on a yoga mat.)

  2. Support your head with a few books or magazines.  Make sure the books are high enough so that your chin doesn’t jut forward of your forehead, and that the books aren’t sticking into your neck. 

  3. Place your feet on the floor with your knees bent.  Have your feet a comfortable distance from your pelvis so your lower back can rest comfortably on the floor and you don’t have to grip your legs.

  4. Rest your palms on your ribs or abdomen with your elbows bent and your upper arms resting on the floor. 

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